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Current research
Quantum Programming Illustrated (2020-06-12) 
This book is for a generation of programmers and aspiring programmers who are enthusiastic about the future of computing. By including practical examples, it aims to provide an accessible introduction to quantum programming. (Amazon)
Project Phronesis (2020-01-09) 
The project Phronesis (Aristotle’s practical wisdom) is a synergy between quantum computing and machine learning. The aim is to build a customizable quantum classifier for healthcare application in the field of medical diagnostics.
Quantum Computing Tutorial (2019-03-24) 
Prof. Andrea Morello from UNSW Sydney gives a tutorial designed for scientists, engineers and mathematicians who are interested in this rapidly growing field but have not yet invested enough time in learning about it.
Programming the Multiverse (2017-01-15) 
Aleksandar Radovanovic presents a fresh look at quantum computing by untangling the ties it has with quantum mechanics and presenting it from a computer scientist’s point of view. With this approach, Aleksandar hopes to create interest in quantum computing.(link)
Quantum Computing for Big Data (2016-03-17) 
Seminar given at The State University of New York at Fredonia.
The Ultimate Physical Limits of Privacy (2015-01-18) 
Prof. Artur Ekert at KAUST Winter Enrichment Program. Seminar hosted by Aleksandar Radovanovic.
Quantum Computational model of a Brain (2014-01-12) 
A seminar presented by Aleksandar Radovanovic examine whether synergy of biology, mathematics, quantum mechanics and computer science has the possibility of bringing us closer to understanding how the brain really functions.